Alüminyum Alaşım 7075 Toz 44 Mikron


Purity: 99.5+%, Size: <325 mesh 

Alumina is a standout amongst the most cost effective and broadly utilized material in the group of engineering ceramics.
The raw materials from which this ceramic is made are promptly accessible and sensibly estimated in price, bringing about
great value for the cost in manufactured alumina shapes. With an incredible blend of properties and an alluring value, it is
nothing unexpected that fine grain technical grade alumina has an extensive variety of utilizations. Al2O3 is hard and does
not wear out easily. Al2O3 holds outstanding dielectric properties from DC to GHz frequencies. Al2O3 highly resists strong
acid and alkali attack at high temperatures. Al2O3 has good thermal conductivity and acquires excellent size and shape
capabilities. Al2O3 is strong and stiff. Al2O3 purity ranges from 94 percent, an easily metallizable composition, to 99.8 percent
for the most demanding high temperature applications.

Aluminum oxide, regularly called alumina, has strong ionic interatomic bonding giving interest to its attractive material attributes.
Al2O3 can exist in a few crystalline stages which all return to the most stable hexagonal alpha stage at high temperatures. This is
the period specifically noteworthy for basic applications.

Alpha stage alumina is the strongest and stiffest of the oxide ceramics. Its hardness, superb dielectric properties, recalcitrance and
great thermal properties make the material of choice for an extensive variety of uses. High purity alumina is usable in both oxidizing
and reducing atmospheres to 1925°C.

D10% 15.3 um


27.6 um
D90% 47.7 um


Cu 1.57
Fe 0.12
Si 0.17
Mn <0.01
Mg 2.75
Zn 5.46
Ni 0.01
Cr 0.24
Ti 0.01
Al Bal.


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